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Multi-Passenger Van Accident

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Although there have been many reports and studies done on the lack of safety that multi-passenger vans provide to drivers and passengers, they continue to be manufactured and used by individuals and countless organizations such as daycares, churches, shuttle services, and sports teams.

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Dangers of Multi-Passenger Vans

Numerous studies have been done as to the safety of multi-passenger vans. While there are certain restrictions on transporting school-aged children in these vehicles, the vehicles are still commonly used.

15-passenger vans and other multi-passenger vans share the following dangers:

  • High center of gravity, especially when fully loaded
  • Flat sides that create instability in crosswinds
  • Structural rigidity, designed to transport cargo
  • Weight imbalance that pressures the left rear tire
  • Poor tire inflation that often results in blow-outs

Once a van such as this experiences a blow out, tight turn, or other sudden movement, it becomes highly likely that the van will spin out of control. Even with the development of newer “safer” models, the basic flaws of the vehicle remain the same.

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