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Commercial Vehicles & Truck Accidents

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At Del Rio & Associates, we believe in protecting you to the best of our ability. We know that car accidents involving tractor trailers are one of the leading causes of death and injuries, but we also know that they are almost always preventable. Our law firm is built around the belief that people who suffer due to the error or recklessness of another person cannot truly recover unless there is justice. That’s why we serve people who have been harmed by negligent truck drivers, trucking companies, and truck manufacturers.

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What You Should Know About Commercial Policies

We encourage you to call us right away if you have been involved in a trucking accident, commercial or otherwise. While these should not stop you from taking action against the party (or parties) responsible for your injuries, there are a few things you should know when you are in an accident involving a commercial vehicle:

  • Your suit may not be against the driver. If the truck driver who hit you was on the clock at the time of the accident, your personal injury suit may need to be filed against the company. Legal battles against corporations tend to be more difficult and can sometimes take longer, but they are absolutely winnable and worth the time and effort they require.
  • Responsibility may be split. The person or parties accountable for your accident may vary and proportionate fault may be assigned in a number of different places. For example, the driver may have been tired and overworked, in which case their employer may be responsible for breaking federal labor laws or mistreating their employees. However, the accident may have also been partially caused due a mechanical failure resulting from faulty design or manufacturing error, in which case the manufacturer may also be partially responsible.
  • Prompt investigation is key: Because there is so much at stake for a truck driver’s employer, the driver, and the manufacturer, they are motivated to protect their own best interests. Evidence has been known to disappear or be tampered with in such cases, so it is wise to contact a personal injury attorney right away to make sure no critical information is lost in your case.

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When you call Del Rio & Associates, your case becomes personal. Our Sacramento truck accident lawyers will work long hours and take whatever avenues are available to help you get the compensation you need in order to recover. In order to make it easier for you to access the legal help you need, we are prepared to offer you a complimentary consultation with a member of our experienced legal team.

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