$1,000,000 Total Settlement Secured by Del Rio & Caraway in Trent v. Biedron & USAA

The Trent family recently underwent a difficult time due to the negligence of two other parties who caused two car accidents. In an initial collision, Mr. Trent was seriously injured, suffering a back injury. The extent of his injuries were so great, lower back surgery had to be performed to alleviate some of his chronic pain and debilitations.

In another subsequent collision, Mr. Trent’s wife was seriously injured as well. She suffered several injuries, but harm to her neck was the most prominent. She needed neck surgery to attempt to correct some of the damage, but she still lives with daily discomfort.

After the two collisions, the Trent family came to Del Rio & Caraway, P.C. for legal support and representation. Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys got right to work on collecting and analyzing key evidence, reviewing the extent of harm suffered by both Mr. and Mrs. Trent, and crafting an argument that proved their lack of liability for the accidents. The defendants – Biedron and USAA – were not originally open to the idea of admitting blame for the collisions and injuries, but we were confident they could be convinced into a settlement agreement that would save everyone time and energy when compared to the possibility of litigation.

We are proud to announce we were able to secure a $1,000,000.00 combined policy limits settlement for the Trent family. It is our hope that they will be able to find peace of mind and comfort again now that they have received fair and maximized compensation for their damages, which included extensive medical bills, lost wages, and noneconomic damages.

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