Our Successful Case Results

We Place Our Clients First

Placing clients first, Del Rio & Associates works to maintain the highest level of integrity with our clients along with results that are deserved. Over the years, Daniel R. Del Rio has won millions of dollars in settlements for our clients. Here are some recent case results.
  • $2,100,000

    Confidential Settlement: $2,100,000 Attorneys Ognian Gavrilov and Daniel Del Rio obtained a $2.1-million confidential settlement in a case where the plaintiff was injured during an altercation. Liability was contested.

    Plaintiff developed neck pain that culminated in a surgery and reported a good recovery after the surgery for which no future care was necessary. Plaintiff had a 998 offer of $1M that was rejected. During mediation, Defendant settled for $2.1 million.

    Plaintiff’s counsel were Ognian Gavrilov of Gavrilov & Brooks and Daniel Del Rio of Del Rio and Associates,

  • $1,860,000
    Enterprise® Multi-Passenger Van/Tire Failure

    Mr. Del Rio 2nd chaired this trial in Sacramento Superior Court which arose out of a 15 passenger van rollover accident. Client rented a 15 passenger van from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which had a worn-out tire on it. While driving, the tread separated on the tire causing the van to roll and ejecting the client. As a result, the client sustained severe damage to his left leg resulting in a permanent foot drop, neuropathic pain, and damaging multiple ligaments in his left knee.

  • $1,670,689.00
    Venkus v. Nolasco, et. al.

    Attorneys Ognian Gavrilov and Daniel Del Rio obtained a $1,670,689 jury verdict in Venkus v. Nolasco, et. al. 34-2016-00204507, Sacramento County, Dept. 35, Judge Perkins.

    After a motor vehicle accident that was relatively minor, Plaintiff was able to drive his vehicle from the accident scene. Liability was disputed until one week prior to trial.

    Plaintiff developed low-back pain that culminated in a single-level lumbar surgery and reported a complete recovery after the surgery and went back to working manual labor.

    Plaintiff had a 998 offer of $1M. During mediation, Plaintiff’s best offer was $850K and Defendant’s best offer was $650K. The jury’s verdict came in at $1,670,689, and there are pending costs and interest of $180,000.

    Plaintiff’s trial counsel were Ognian Gavrilov of Gavrilov & Brooks, and Daniel Del Rio and David Trent of Del Rio and Associates, PC. Defendant’s counsel was Brian Gunn of Wolfe & Wyman.

  • $1,000,000
    Trent v. Biedron and USAA

    $1,000,000.00 combined policy limits settlement for the Trent family after the initial collision caused the father to have a low back surgery and a subsequent collision caused the wife to have a neck surgery.

  • $642,000
    Verdict Against Caltrans/State of California

    Verdict Against Caltrans/State of California

    A Yolo County jury awarded a $642,000 verdict against Caltrans/State of California where a minor impact car accident resulted in pain management treatment and a two level cervical disc replacement surgery.

  • $575,000
    Broadside Auto Accident

    Client hospitalized for more than one week after high speed broadside automobile accident.

  • $500,000
    RV Accident Requires Back Surgery

    Policy limits settlement in a recreational vehicle accident resulting in significant injuries requiring back surgery.

  • $500,000
    SafesCo® Policy Limit

    Client required back surgery after a drunk driver ran a red-light and hit her head-on.

  • $500,000
    Travelers Insurance® Settlement Policy Limit

    Client required back surgery after a rear-end accident.

  • $325,000
    Rollover Accident with Spine Surgery

    Client was rear-ended on the freeway causing her vehicle to strike the car in front of her and roll over. Client was ultimately recommended for a single level cervical discectomy and fusion by both her doctor and the defendant’s doctor.

  • $300,000
    Dog Bite Policy Limit Settlement

    Client was out for a morning jog when defendants’ dogs broke out of their yard and together viciously attacked him. This resulted in the plaintiff having to undergo months of medical care including a hip surgery. Defendants refused any pre-litigation settlement discussions, forcing us immediately into litigation where we won a motion to argue for punitive damages and ultimately settled for the policy limits of $300,000.

  • $300,000
    Mid Trial Settlement

    T-bone auto accident causing aggravation of prior injuries requiring multiple pain management injections.

  • $275,000
    Head-On Auto Accident – Policy Limits Settlement

    Defendant lost control of their car striking the Plaintiff’s car head-on. As a result, the plaintiff sustained a debilitating low back injury ultimately requiring a single level lower back discectomy and fusion surgery. The case settled for the limits of all automobile insurance policies.

  • $250,000
    Head-On Auto Accident Requires Surgery

    Client who has never had health insurance suffered neck and back injuries requiring surgery following a car accident where the defendant drifted across the center divider causing a head-on impact. As a result the case settled for the policy limits and the client received health insurance for one year under the new Afforfable Care Act so he could complete the needed surgeries despite the fact that these were prior injuries.

  • $167,500
    Settlement made in 90 Days

    Car accident causing post-concussion syndrome / mild traumatic brain injury with negative brain MRI but ongoing psychological and emotional conditions.

  • $140,000
    Minor impact auto accident

    Our client, a 60 year old female, required pain management injections following a minor impact car accident. We were successful in securing a $140,000 settlement for her car accident claim.

  • $100,000
    Policy Limits Settlement - Motorcycle Accident

    Plaintiff was riding a motorcycle when a car turned in front of him causing the Plaintiff to run into the side of the car. The traffic report found the motorcyclist at fault for speeding. Investigation found witnesses that told the full story of how the car cut the motorcyclist off at the last second and the Plaintiff could not avoid the accident. Plaintiff suffered multiple fractures including a fractured femur requiring surgery.

  • $100,000
    Policy Limits Settlement - Multiple Car Pileup

    Multiple car pileup on the freeway rear ending the Plaintiffs. The entire family went to the ER and followed up with their primary care doctor.

  • $100,000
    Policy Limits Settlement - Red Light

    Defendant ran a red light t-boning Plaintiff’s car and causing neck, low back, knee, and shoulder injuries all of which required pain management injections and ultimately which will require spinal surgery.

  • $100,000
    Rear-End at a Red Light

    81 year old client was rear-ended while waiting at a red light. After exhausting all conservative treatments, client’s surgeon recommended a single level lumbar laminectomy.

  • $100,000
    Rear-End Auto Accident

    The client was rear-ended in a car accident causing a serious neck injury with radiating numbness, pain, and weakness into their left arm which eventually required a two level neck surgery. The case settled for the limits of all automobile insurance policies.

  • $100,000
    Freeway Auto Accident Requires Surgery

    The plaintiff was rear-ended in a freeway accident causing the plaintiff’s vehicle to lose control and strike the cement divider. This caused a neck injury requiring a two level neck surgery. The case settled for the limits of all automobile insurance policies.

  • $100,000
    T-Bone Auto Accident

    Client was in a T-bone car accident causing neck and back injuries, which required ongoing pain management. The case settled for the limits of all automobile insurance policies.