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When a vehicle accident or medical malpractice leads to the severance or compression of a nerve in any part of the body, it can lead to debilitating consequences. Generally, nerve injury as a result of accidents or surgical errors is extremely serious, and can cause chronic pain and severe and permanent disability. Nerve damage injuries are also life altering for the victim’s family members, who may have to adjust their priorities and work to care for their loved one.

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Three Degrees of Nerve Damage

One of the larger factors in determining the amount of compensation you may be eligible for is the severity of the nerve damage. Three degrees of nerve damage are formally recognized.

These three degrees of nerve damage include the following:

  • Neurapraxia: This is the least severe form of nerve injury. Damage resulting from this level of nerve injury will typically heal from a few weeks to a few months with correct treatment.
  • Axonotmesis: This more severe type of nerve injury typically results in paralysis, loss of sensory function, and loss of motor function in the area of the body that sustained trauma.
  • Neurotmesis: This is considered the most severe type of nerve injury, because it permanently lacerates or otherwise damages the nerve, resulting in permanent disabilities and paralysis.

Those with severe nerve damage may require costly medical procedures and treatments. In addition, they may suffer from the need for lifelong care. Compensation for this level of injury helps to secure the financial future of the injured individual and his or her loved ones as well.

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