Del Rio & Caraway Gives Back by Helping Bullying Victim

We started this firm because we wanted to help victims who were facing unfair circumstances. Though accidents do happen, other times the injuries we see have been purposefully inflicted. The people behind them are nothing but grown-up bullies seeking to assert their dominance.

Schoolchildren may face this kind of cruelty and aggression every day. Last week, Good Day Sacramento shared the sad story of a teenager who was on his way home from the park when he was attacked by bullies. By his account, they knocked him over, took his bike and his shoes, and held him against a car so they could punch him. Attacks like these can be especially upsetting because, on top of the physical damage, the victim may not have a chance for recourse.

If you’re an adult and you know who assaulted you, you may be able to sue them for damages. This boy did not have that opportunity. Because we couldn’t help him seek justice through the court system, we decided to replace what was stolen.

Good Morning Sacramento televised the exchange on Monday. You can watch the full clip for a firsthand account of the incident, and to see the teen’s reaction when the belongings he lost were restored.

Dealing with a bully? Del Rio & Caraway, P.C. wants to help. We have successfully argued a wide range of personal injury and mass tort cases. With millions earned for clients, we know we’re making a real difference.

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