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Paralysis & Paraplegia

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The central nervous system is one of the only parts of the body that can’t repair itself. Injuries resulting in full or partial paralysis are traumatizing, costly, and present other serious issues such as ongoing medical problems, physical pain, and emotional suffering. Typically, accidents, such as motorcycle, auto, and truck accidents, are among the leading causes of paralysis. However, paralysis injuries may also result from a defective product (while you were on the job) and medical malpractice.

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Impact of Injuries Leading to Paralysis

When the victim of an accident becomes fully or partially paralyzed, it impacts every facet of their life. Moving, eating, sleeping, and even breathing can be dramatically impacted by these types of injuries depending on their severity. For victims of full or partial paralysis, it is important to know where to turn for help. No one should have to go through these types of traumatizing injuries alone, and thankfully, there are many wonderful organizations that offer resources, help and inspiration for victims of serious spinal, brain or other types of accidents resulting in paralysis.

Paralysis and paraplegia injuries are also life-altering events for the victim’s family members, who often have to adjust their priorities and work to care for their loved one. As medical bills stack and time off work becomes insurmountable, you need legal representation that can fight for your financial losses and allow you to focus on your recovery.

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