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California Motor Vehicle Crash Stats [Infographic]

The Significance of Car Crashes and Fatalities

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, crash injuries are estimated to be the leading cause of death worldwide for all age groups — and are the leading cause of death for children and young people between the ages of 5 and 29. Although the latest statistics from the California Office of Traffic Safety report that traffic fatalities decreased 5.1% from 3,798 in 2018 to 3,606 in 2019, there is still much work to do to prevent car crashes.

Here are some stats on the prevalence of traffic crash fatalities and the most common causes.

California Crash Stat Data

In 2019, California's mileage death rate was 1.06 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled. The following data illustrates what has the most significant impact on motor vehicle crash fatalities.

  • 1,066 people lost their lives to alcohol-impaired drivers.
  • Drug-impaired driving increased in 2019 by 8% from 2018.
  • In 2019, 50% of all drug-tested drivers killed in car crashes tested positive for legal and illegal drugs.
  • More drivers are wearing seatbelts. Unrestrained passenger fatalities decreased by 2.4%, from 635 in 2018 to 620 in 2019.
  • More motorcyclists are wearing helmets. Deaths from not wearing a helmet decreased 18% from 34 in 2018 to 28 in 2019.
  • Pedestrian fatalities were down .6% from 978 in 2018 to 972 in 2019.
  • Bicycle fatalities decreased 19.5% from 165 in 2018 to 133 in 2019.


California Office of Traffic Safety

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